Creating our own brand was a long time dream, but it was always clear how the circumstances should be:

Producing in a safe environment for the people who create the clothes, with paying fair wages,

using materials which are sustainable and don’t harm the environment even more.

As half our family is from India, our hearts are closely connected to this amazing country.

In 2018 we took the opportunity to stay for 2 months with our 1 year old daughter Uma Ray

and visited NGO’s and producers of sustainable fashion. From the very first step it was clear,

that we want to start this journey.

The brand RAY, named after our daughter, was born. It should carry a “ray” of light, shining bright

and being transparent about the work we do.

We want to create long lasting garments that carry a story and enrich your wardrobe.

Quality in the product is as important as quality in the lives of the people

who make them. We work with artisans all over India that are valued as experts,

not recipients of charity.

Our family company and brand RAY is a humble contribution to move forward in this fashion industry,

where the focus should become buy less, quality over quantity and learn more about the fashion industry

and prodcution processes.

Designed in Stuttgart, Germany and created in India, RAY the collection combines ethics with aestethics.


It is important to us to meet regularly with our suppliers and the manufacturers of our clothing. We work with Saheli Women, a non profit clothing manufacturer based in Bhikamkor India, that is combating exploitative labor by providing fair wages and a safe work environment.

We also do a part of our collection with Vijaya from Indricka Clothing. Vijaya has worked for many years in the fashion industry and with her deep knowledge she is focused on sustainability in the fabrics she is working with as well as sustainability in the whole process of producing the clothes.

The fabrics we use are Tencel, a sustainable quality made from wood pulp cellulose as well as Organic Cotton for our T-Shirt and a Cotton-Ahimsa Silk blend for our Kimonos. Ahimsa is the Hindi word for “non-violence”, also translated as peace silk. It has its name from the process of harvesting the silk without killing the silk worm, so a more humane way of producing silk.

It is still a long journey for us to learn more and more about the fair production of clothing, but we are willing to learn and eager to make a difference.

As our family comes from Pune, India, we look to support local NGO’s trying to make an improvement in the lives of underprivileged women and children. Parts of our profits will be donated to such organisations.